Let the Adventures Begin

Welcome! Thanks for taking a peek at my corner of the internet. My name is Emily and I’m writing from Connecticut to share some of my adventures with the world (or just my mom and best friend because they might be the only ones reading!)

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I’ve always loved to travel. I believe that money spent on experiences is just as important as money spent on things. I’ve gotten the chance to do a lot of traveling and more and more find myself gravitating towards the importance of taking home pictures instead of souvenirs. My living room only has space for so many frames so after a lot of thinking, I decided to set up shop here to enjoy my pictures and stories (and so anyone else who wants to read can enjoy too.)

This blog is also going to be a challenge to myself- a challenge to commit and to try new things. I love to travel far (and will continue to do so) but I want to take some time to enjoy the little things Connecticut has to offer too. What better time to get out in New England than when fall is just making it’s arrival? It truly is my favorite time of year! I also want to share a little about my hobbies which include coffee, wine, distance running (especially at Disney World) and maybe some of my DIY attempts too!

If you made it this far I hope you’ll stick with me! Pour yourself a cup of coffee or a glass of wine as I share some upcoming stories about the wine and coffee I’ve tried in the past couple weeks.

Pour yourself some wine, coffee…or Guinness!

See you back here soon!

“Life is short, the world is wide- I wanna make some memories.” -Mamma Mia