Rebel Dog Coffee Co. in Plainville, CT

Now that I’ve started to cover my love of wine it’s time to talk about my first love- coffee. As a nurse I work 12 hour shifts so I need A LOT of coffee to get me through the day. I wish I could say I was a dutiful home brewer but I love to spend my weekly allowance at the coffee shop (or the hospital cafeteria!)

I first heard of Rebel Dog Coffee Co. when I saw their giant billboard across from my dog groomer- targeted marketing perhaps? Fortunately Rebel Dog’s food and coffee selection is so great that it appeals to the dog people and non-dog people alike! Rebel Dog Coffee Co. can be found on route 10 with easy on and off access from I-84 and route 72.


Aside from the standard menu options, one of the coolest things about Rebel Dog is that they sell cold brew coffee on tap and by growler. Growler coffee or tea is recommended for consumption within 7-10 days from purchase.

I love the novelty of this idea! The barista mentioned that buying the empty growler and a gift card makes a great gift!

Rebel Dog Coffee Co. has a great seating area too with multiple tables, bar style seating along the window and comfy chairs. It’s always so popular in here that I’ve never been able to take a people-less picture to share. I love to sit in here and enjoy my coffee when I have time.

Also pictured- a delicious house-made corn muffin

Wifi is free, of course, so I can work on my blog while I sip! As mentioned Rebel Dog appeals to the dog lovers too with an outdoor patio where I’ve seen many people sit with their dogs.

You can see the fenced in patio behind my iced latte. One entrance (there are two) is under the red awning.

Rebel Dog is currently still serving their summer flavors. My personal favorite is the toasted marshmallow! Try it while you still can as the barista reports fall flavors are coming soon. They say they anticipate pumpkin spice with a couple more surprises up their sleeves!

Tips to be Impeccably Groomed.png

Have you been to Rebel Dog Coffee Co.? Or, do you have a favorite coffee place near you?

Stay Adventurous!


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