Throwback Thursday: Guinness Storehouse at St. Jame’s Gate

I imagine if you’ve ever been out drinking on St. Patrick’s Day in the US and tried to order a green beer you’ve heard at least one person quip that ‘real Irishmen drink black beer.’ In Dublin, Ireland this stands true at the Guinness Storehouse located in the heart of St. Jame’s Gate. No visit to Dublin feels complete with a good pour of Guinness so during my October 2017 visit to the city I took the bus out to the Storehouse to see it (and taste it) for myself.

Tickets to Guinness will run you about $28 (USD) though discounts are available if you pre-purchase online. IMG_4992.JPG

The seven floor Storehouse experience starts by showing you the growing, fermenting and brewing process.


Barrels showing how Guinness was originally distributed

As we continued winding through the Guinness pint shaped building we came across a tasting room where you can learn the proper technique to drink a Guinness.

As we learned in tasting class, you must wait to drink a Guinness after pouring until there is a clear separation between the black beer and the white, foam head. Additionally, you should take large gulps to get the full flavor.

Following our lesson we walked through a large exhibit on the history of Guinness advertising and were treated to some of their most famous slogans and campaigns.

I can’t imagine a beer making ‘health claims’ like this today!


Finally after all the stair climbing and escalator climbing we reached the pinnacle of the experience- Guinness’ Gravity Bar which sits at the very stop of the Storehouse and offers 360 degree views of Dublin. As luck would have it, we visited on a mostly cloudy day but the clouds parted just as we enjoyed our beers and the beautiful views.

Views of the rest of the Guinness Brewery
Views of Phoenix Park in the distance

Dublin has so many great attractions to enjoy but the Guinness Storehouse definitely tops my list! This is worth at least one visit and I’d even wager to say that I’d go for a second visit when I find myself in Dublin again.

In the mean time, I’ll have to to enjoy a pint on my home soil! (1).png

Stay adventurous!


Throwback Thursday: Ali’i Kula Lavender Farm

On Thursdays I’ll be throwing it back to one of my favorite past destinations or experiences. This week I wanted to start by featuring the location where I took my blog cover photo! In April 2018 I had the pleasure of making my first trek to Maui, Hawaii where I paid a visit to Ali’i Kula Lavender Farm.

About 45 minutes up the hill from Wailea on west Maui sits Ali’i Kula Lavender Farm, a serene garden landscape with views of the beach and the mountains on the horizon. For a $3 entrance fee we opted for a self guided tour though they offer a $12 guided walking tour as well.

Despite the haze, still a great view down to the beach!

Even when the lavender isn’t in bloom, Ali’i offers a lush green paradise complete with lots of arches and pergolas that give me all the secret garden vibes!



We were free to wander throughout the grounds which are situated on a steep hillside with the peak of Haleakala volcano high above us. The air is cooler up there but the climbs were definitely making my thighs feel the burn!

Fortunately there were lots of zen vibes to help me catch my breath!

Before leaving we stopped in the store where you can buy all sorts of lavender based and lavender inspired products including, bath supplies, clothes, and food snacks with lavender baked in.

Outside the shop is where this adorable table of succulents was set up. Unfortunately you can’t take live plants back to the mainland so I was forced to settle for a picture (and some dried lavender purchased inside.)

In total, we probably spent an hour exploring the fields at Ali’i Kula Lavender Farms so it wasn’t a long stop but was one of my favorites of the trip. It made a great break from the car on our way up to Haleakala (which is a story for another time!)


Stay adventurous!