Olympic Sites to see in Lake Placid, NY

One of my favorite things about Lake Placid is the town’s continued Olympic spirit. LP is the home to the 1932 and 1980 games and they’re not about to let you forget it! They continue to celebrate their spirited and competitive history with lots of fun sites to see. I was excited to take my mom to visit two of my favorites- the 1980 Herb Brooks arena and the Lake Placid Olympic Museum.

We started a rainy day by checking out the Lake Placid Olympic Museum. Tucked into a back corner of the hockey complex building, the museum is small but packs a ton of great memorabilia.


The museum covers both the 1932 and 1980 games while explaining how Lake Placid became a winter sports hub in the first place.

Torches from various winter games on display


The best part is that the museum’s displays change from time to time so it’s always worth another visit to see what’s new!

Next we headed to the 1980 Herbs Brooks Arena to check out the home to USA Hockey’s Miracle on Ice. In the throws of the Cold War tension between the US and the Soviet Union a group of American college hockey players pulled off an amazing upset over the professional Soviet Union men’s hockey team to go on to win that year’s gold medal. Dubbed ‘the miracle on ice’, this is the arena where that game was played.

The rink is named for the team’s coach, Herb Brooks


We watched the movie, Miracle, which recaps the team’s road to success the night prior so it was exciting to be where the real event happened.

Standing where it happened!

If you’re enjoying reading about Lake Placid’s Olympic offerings, feel free to check out my recap of visiting the Olympic ski jumps here.

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Stay adventurous!



Stumbling upon the Jay Covered Bridge in Jay, NY

Now that it’s officially 2019 let me take a moment to say: Happy New Year! Thanks for visiting this year! Today I’m taking it back to my October trip to the Adirondacks once more to talk about how I stumbled upon the Jay Covered Bridge in Jay, NY. What I love about this was it happened as a true accidental adventure.

We started out the day by driving towards White Face to check out the area because I hadn’t been past Lake Placid before. It was too foggy to drive to the mountain’s summit so we drove past the road for that and took a few random turns to enjoy the scenery. When we finally came upon the tiny town square of Jay, New York we decided to use the opportunity to loop around and head back to Lake Placid. Once I turned the car around, and just as we were about to head out of town I saw a sign advertising the ‘historic covered bridge’ so on a whim we looped around again to see the bridge.

Given that it was a rainy, foggy weekday, no one else was around which made for a very enjoyable and private wander around what we learned was the Adirondack’s last standing covered bridge.


The bridge had fallen into disarray after a truck accident but it was fully restored in 2006. It’s now for pedestrians only as an alternative bridge over Ausable Chasm was built next door.

This more industrial looking bridge gets cars across these days


There are signs up on both ends that talk about the rich history of the bridge.


The portion of Ausable Chasm that the bridge crosses is a popular summer swimming hole destination!


My mom and I both agreed that this was a beautifully serene stop and we were glad we’d turned around on a whim to check it out.

Loved out time ‘hanging out’ at the Jay Covered Bridge!

Stay adventurous!

Visiting the Olympic Ski Jumps in Lake Placid, NY

Today I bring you another one of my Lake Placid favorites: the Olympic Ski Jumps! The Lake Placid Club originally opened the jumping area in 1920 and it still operates today after two Olympic games and multiple rebuilds and raising of the jumps. This is a great place to learn some Olympic history, take in beautiful views of the surrounding high peaks and, if you’re lucky, see some live jumping!

We picked up our tickets first. For $11 we got to explore the complex and take the elevator ride to the top of the 120-meter jump (the taller one.) After getting these we walked outside to observe the jumps from the landing point.


During the summer months you can see young jumpers training using the pool.

Too cold for a water landing today!

During my past visit we rode the chair lift to the top. That wasn’t running today- perhaps this is also seasonal? We hopped back in the car and followed the little driving map we were given with our tickets around the block. This took us to a back road entrance where we could park right next to the base of the jumps!

Before heading for the elevator we walked onto the observation platform. During jumping competitions coaches stand to watch their athletes fly by!

Beautiful view looking out from the platform


The judging tower can be seen just behind my head

After taking in the views we headed to the base of the 120-meter jump where we picked up the elevator to the glass viewing room.


I love the horizon guide maps on the ledge of each window that show you which mountain peaks you’re looking out on. We followed the path the jumpers would take and headed out to the launch platform.


The platform skiers jump from is adjustable and can be raised or lower depending on conditions. We stood on the platform in the lowest position. I admit- CANNOT picture flinging myself off this thing on skis! I’d love to visit the jumps for a third time and see jumpers come down live! Until then, I’ll have to settle for more grounded views!


Stay adventurous!

Big Slide Brewery & Public House in Lake Placid, NY

I admit, adventurers, I’ve become a little disorganized lately. I intended to have this all ready to go for yesterday and then I had to scramble to unschedule the post because I never wrote it! It’s strange to me because I always think things will slow down once summer ends but somehow fall seems even crazier! I’m (hopefully) getting myself back on track today and sharing one of my favorite Lake Placid destinations.

If you’ve ever been to LP you know that on your way into town you can’t miss seeing the ski jumps towering over the road. My first visit I was in awe! Hell- I still am every time I see them! If you marvel at the jumps like I do, what better place to enjoy a beer than in their shadow at a brewery that pays homage in its name and logo?

Around since 2016, Big Slide Brewery & Public House is a Lake Placid staple in my book. Their brews are great and their menu offers plenty of choices to munch on.

They have a great patio out front and a grassy area where you can find ladder ball to play while you drink. There are multiple breweries in Lake Placid but one purely logistical thing that keeps bringing me back to Big Slide is the fact that they have their own parking lot so you don’t have to worry about finding a spot in the village (where parking is more limited.)

After my trek through the grass for pictures while everyone in the restaurant gawked at me (#bloggerlife) we settled into our table and started off with some drinks. I’m a sucker for a flight so that’s what I went with. Big Slide’s beer selection is a mix of their year round staples and some seasonal selections. Per our server, they’re best known for their Giant IPA which won gold in 2017 as the best American Double IPA at New York’s Craft Beer Competition. I included this one of my flight and really liked it!

Still teaching my mom the art of adjusting lighting before taking iPhone pictures but she’s learning!

While my mom is learning to appreciate different beers, a flight is still too adventurous for her so on our server’s suggestion she went with the cream ale which on request they add a simple raspberry syrup.

The cream ale with raspberry syrup

While we drank we ordered some pretzel bites and the chips and dip. The pretzel bites were amazing! They were seasoned with poppy seeds instead of salt which was really good.

I believe these were made by local bakery, Cake Placid (see what they did there? haha!)

The ambiance in Big Slide is relaxed (and very darkly lit.) The kitchen is mostly open so you can see them prepare the food.

Big Slide’s take home crowler option

The brewing supplies are behind a glass wall so you can also see them brew your beer (well, sort of- it was fermenting when we were there which isn’t much to watch.) They offer a crowler and a growler option to take home your favorite!

Best part?

Free bobsled rides home!

Ok, ok- just kidding!

Big Slide Brewery & Public House can be found at 5686 Cascade Rd, Lake Placid. Open 11:30-9:00pm most day, it’s the perfect lunch or dinner stop after hiking the high peaks or visiting the Olympic Jumping Complex down the road. Check their website here for exact hours!

Big slide brewery & public house.png

Stay adventurous, friends!

Ambrosia Diner: Adirondack’s most delicious?

Normally I would say all diners are pretty similar- delicious- but similar. However, Ambrosia Diner in Queensbury, NY really is a step above the rest! My mom had been raving about this place ever since she visited in May so we decided it would be our lunch stop on our way to Lake Placid.

I was immediately struck by how large Ambrosia Diner is. I imagine it’s pretty easy to be seated right away at almost any time of day. I was also amazed at how big the menu is- not only do they offer breakfast all day but they had sandwiches, burgers, and comfort foods.

After all long debate I started things off with some matzo ball soup.

Look at how big that matzo is!

Next came the grilled cheese! They had lots of specialty grilled cheeses to choose from but I went with the caprese (tomato and mozzarella.)

At this point I was already full but the dessert case is not to be missed- literally, you can see all the frosted goodness right when you walk in the door!

This picture doesn’t do justice to how big the slice was!

My mom and I shared a slice of chocolate cream pie (right out of the to go box because we were stuffed and could only manage a few bites!)

Ambrosia Diner was so good (and there were so many more things I wanted to try on the menu) that we opted to stop again on our way home!

If you’re headed up 87-N, take exit 19 and make a pit stop here- you won’t regret it!

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Stay adventurous, friends!

Hiking in the High Peaks: Beginners welcome!

When we planned our girl’s trip to Lake Placid and Lake George hiking really wasn’t on my agenda. After all- my poor mom is in a cast after breaking her hand a couple weeks ago so trekking the High Peaks certainly didn’t seem in the cards. However, at her request, I did some research and was pleased to find there are plenty of ways to get out in the woods with no experience necessary. If you’re not ready to tackle the Adirondack 46 High Peaks here’s what we liked:

Roaring Brook Falls

Roaring Brook Falls is located about 30 minutes outside Lake Placid on Route 73. There is parking by the trailheads that fills up early but we were able to find parking on the road and walk back to the trail.

Roaring Brook Falls is 0.3 miles from the road on a fairly flat and open trail. After about a ten minute walk we found ourselves gazing up at the waterfall’s rock face.

While my mom sat and enjoyed, I climbed the rocks over the brook for a better view.

Hi mom!

This hike is definitely good for beginners- we saw everyone from young kids to older adults walking out to see the waterfall.

High Falls Gorge

On the way to Whiteface Mountain, High Falls Gorge is a little less of a natural hike and more of a tourist attraction. We debated if it was worth the $11.95/person ticket cost (especially in the pouring rain) and ended up deciding to wing it- very happy we did!

The weather gave us low crowds to enjoy the man-made paths and stairs that wrap around the gorge. We donned our umbrellas and raincoats and out we went:

The paths were easy to traverse and there were plenty of good views without needing to go up or down the stairs at all.

Afterwards we sat in the adjacent cafe by the fire and sipped some hot chocolate, both agreeing we were happy that we didn’t let the rain scare us away.

Overall, lesson learned that you don’t have to climb Mount Marcy to enjoy the wilderness in the High Peaks region of the Adirondacks!

Stay adventurous, friends!

Wineries of Lake Placid, New York

It’s girl’s trip week! As I mentioned on Five Things Friday last week my mom and I are on a girl’s trip to visit upstate New York. We started our trip Saturday by driving up to Lake Placid for a few nights.

I LOVE Lake Placid- easily one of my favorite Adirondack destinations. Tucked away in the gorgeous high peaks, Lake Placid is the home to the 1932 and 1980 Winter Olympic Games with the later being known for USA hockey’s miracle on ice. The food scene is on point here but this visit I got a chance to check out the two local wineries as well.

Goose Watch Lake Placid is a quaint store front on Main Street where you can enjoy a tasting and purchase bottles. The grapes are grown in New York’s Finger Lake region as the Adirondacks doesn’t has a growing season (though certainly has a year round selling season!)

We were able to taste six wines of our choosing for $6 which included a take home glass.

I particularly enjoyed the 2016 Snow Goose and Two to Mango.

The next day we headed to Swedish Hill Winery in Lake Placid. This is about a 5 minute drive from the main village. For the most part we had the tasting room, which included a large bar, a table to sip at and outdoor seating, to ourselves this particular Sunday afternoon.

By returning with our Goose Watch glasses we were able to enjoy another six wines for $3 (half price!) as a special deal offered between these two sister locations.

Honestly, I enjoyed almost every wine I tasted here! I ended up purchasing a glass of the 2016 Reisling for $8 (which also got me a Swedish Hills glass to take home) along with buying a bottle of said Reisling and their location signature wine: Mooscato.

Made with grapes from the Finger Lakes, this wine is only available at Swedish Hill’s Lake Placid location.

Though you won’t find the same sprawling vineyards as Connecticut, Lake Placid’s wine scene was perfect was a sweet wine lover like myself. At $9 to sample 12 wines with one take home glass this is a great deal to make a relaxing afternoon (or two) on the lake!

Stay adventurous, friends!