Wineries of Saratoga Springs, New York

Ok- I swear we’ve done other things besides drink wine on this girl’s trip! I just love writing about the wine as much as I like to drink it. Today I bring you a recap of two great wineries in Saratoga Springs, New York. Saratoga Springs is most commonly known for it’s horse racing history but it’s also home to a vibrant food and drink scene.

Our first stop on this wet tour of Saratoga was The Saratoga Winery. Don’t let the name fool you: you don’t need to be a wine drinker to enjoy this place! Not only did they do wine tastings but they offered craft beer flights, signature cocktail flights and mimosa flights during their Sunday brunch.

Just by pulling up I got a more familiar vibe to the Connecticut wine scene that I’m used to as opposed to the store-front style of Lake Placid. The inside has a comfortable rustic feel. Like the Lake Placid wineries (which you can read about here,) the Saratoga Springs wineries also grow their grapes in the Finger Lakes region so you won’t find any vines growing out back.

What I found to be most unique to this tasting was how it was served: in a wine tree! This would be especially great during busy times because you have all your wines laid out in front of you so no need to wait for the server.

My favorite wines here were the Saratoga White and the Torched Cherry Bomb. I appreciated the ability to choose from some sweeter reds so I can broaden my pallet a little without having to go too dry. I liked the cayuga Saratoga White so much I enjoyed a glass while we perused around the rest of the room and the outdoor seating area.

Our next stop about 15 minutes down the road was the Thirsty Owl Outlet and Wine Garden. The name here fooled me into expecting some sort of store so imagine my surprise when we pull up to a massive, gorgeous renovated old home.

The Thirsty Owl here in Saratoga is actually a full-fledged tasting room and bistro that gets their wine from Thirsty Owl Winery in- you guessed it- the Finger Lakes. Unlike the woodsy theme that many places around the Adirondacks like to stick to the Owl had a clean, modern feel. I especially loved the wine bottle lighting!

My mom and I shared a tasting here. Again, I liked that there were a couple sweeter reds to try though, as usual, the sweet whites won. I got a glass of the 2014 Apple Wine while she picked the 2016 Semi-Sweet Reisling. We sipped, and browsed the bottles. I always love admiring the label artwork.

Happy hour specials rolled out at 4pm so we decided to grab some meatballs and bruschetta and holy crap- SO GOOD! I don’t know if it was all the wine talking or if The Thirsty Owl Bistro’s food is just that amazing! Either way, I’d bump this place up to a must-do in Saratoga Springs whether you like good wine, good food, or both!

After five winery visits this week (because yes, I’ve been hiding my favorite one yet from you for another write up) I dare say we might be a little wined out. However, with one full day left, you never now where my producer (my mom’s self proclaimed title- she’s enjoying her picture taking duties!) and I might sip next!

Stay adventurous, friends!