Story and Soil Coffee in Hartford, CT

It seems like I need to give my coffee addiction more love on the blog so today I present another coffee shop adventure! When I’m looking for a new place to try my go-to search technique is usually Yelp which is how I found Story and Soil Coffee in Hartford, CT. This is right down the street from 84’s Capital Ave exit so it’s easy to get to if you’re in the area!

Right across the street from the Capital Lofts, Story and Soil has a small but quaint storefront.


Admittedly seating inside struck me as limited- maybe ten or twelve seats? It seemed like the place where it was ok to take any open seat (give that there was one large table and window seating) so I took an stool at the window next to couple. There were picnic tables out front if the weather is fair. Going with the trusty recommendations of Yelp I ordered the Spanish Latte.


I appreciated the touch that they served it with water for me to sip as well. The latte was great- a nice cinnamon flavor!


The decor in Story and Soil is friendly and chic. Someone told me they purchase the flowers from a local farm!



Out of all the coffee places I’ve visited with plans to write about, Story and Soil is the only I’ve only been to once but I need to change that. They recently came out with their fall flavors so I have to get back for another cup!

Hartford, CT

Stay adventurous, friends!