Ambrosia Diner: Adirondack’s most delicious?

Normally I would say all diners are pretty similar- delicious- but similar. However, Ambrosia Diner in Queensbury, NY really is a step above the rest! My mom had been raving about this place ever since she visited in May so we decided it would be our lunch stop on our way to Lake Placid.

I was immediately struck by how large Ambrosia Diner is. I imagine it’s pretty easy to be seated right away at almost any time of day. I was also amazed at how big the menu is- not only do they offer breakfast all day but they had sandwiches, burgers, and comfort foods.

After all long debate I started things off with some matzo ball soup.

Look at how big that matzo is!

Next came the grilled cheese! They had lots of specialty grilled cheeses to choose from but I went with the caprese (tomato and mozzarella.)

At this point I was already full but the dessert case is not to be missed- literally, you can see all the frosted goodness right when you walk in the door!

This picture doesn’t do justice to how big the slice was!

My mom and I shared a slice of chocolate cream pie (right out of the to go box because we were stuffed and could only manage a few bites!)

Ambrosia Diner was so good (and there were so many more things I wanted to try on the menu) that we opted to stop again on our way home!

If you’re headed up 87-N, take exit 19 and make a pit stop here- you won’t regret it!

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Stay adventurous, friends!