Roger’s Orchard in Southington, CT

Remember the busy weekend plans I wrote about in last week’s five things Friday Things Friday? Yeah- life had other plans. A cold side-lined me from most of the things I had on the agenda but I still made it out to pick some apples between Tylenol doses and cups of tea for a short adventure.

Roger’s Orchard first started planting in 1809. There second location, known as Sunnymount, opened in 1965 and is where we arrived on Saturday to rows and rows of apple trees ready to be picked.

Along with plenty of apple varieties for every palette to pick from Roger’s offers pumpkins so we grabbed a couple small ones for the garden.

With our apples and pumpkins safely packed into the car we headed into the country store. Inside you’ll find a large variety of fruits and vegetables for those of us less inclined to want to pick!

There were also pies, donuts, cider, and other homemade goods. I indulged in an apple donut and some homemade cider to round out the visit.

According to their website, Roger’s Orchard will have pick-your-own apples available until late October so you still have time to visit for yourself!

Stay adventurous, friends!