Prospect Mountain in Lake George, NY

During our girl’s trip week in Lake Placid and Lake George it rained…a lot. In fact, it rained almost everyday but despite that we had a good time and made the best of it! I felt like we were rewarded for our positive attitude because on our last day the clouds parted and the sun shined over a beautiful blue sky! This made the perfect day to drive up Prospect Mountain as a final goodbye to upstate New York. I’ve been lucky enough to spend two summers living upstate and have spent lots of time in Lake George but until this trip I never noticed the highway entrance up Prospect Mountain tucked in between business along the strip. While there are hiking trails to the top we opted to pay $10/car to drive up the paved road. While traveling up the Veteran’s Memorial Highway there are three scenic overlooks to view:

The First Overlook: The Narrows


The second overlook: Lake George Panorama
Million Dollar Beach can be seen on the right side of the lake.
The third overlook, the Eagle’s Eye, was a little overgrown and didn’t offer much of a different view than what we’d seen so far. Upon almost reaching the top, we parked in the parking lot and got in line for the shuttle that makes the final drive to the summit. The shuttle runs continuously back and forth during highway open hours.  
Views from the very top of Prospect Mountain! On a clear day you can see 100 miles in each direction.
Plenty of room to picnic at the top
Stunning views no matter where you stand!

We decided to take the walking trail back down. It was interesting that the color wasn’t that bright on the Lake George side but was much more brilliant on the opposite side.

Views on the way back down
Before getting in the car we stopped for a seat on this natural bench on the rock face!
I can’t believe I didn’t see Prospect Mountain before this trip but I’m so glad I made the drive up. I would put this down as a must-do if you’re in the Lake George area especially if you want to get out and see nature but you’re not a hiker. I bet the views are beautiful in all seasons!

Stay adventurous!