Lost Acres Vineyard in Granby, CT

My first ‘real time’ adventure I’m going to share is my recent trip to Lost Acres Vineyard in Granby, CT. Don’t let my words fool you- I was far too busy sipping wine to actually write my post while I was there! I visited here Labor Day Weekend as part of a new journey to get out and enjoy the Connecticut Wine Trail.

Tucked on a wooded, winding road, Lost Acres gives a picturesque first impression. Tastings occur in a barn surrounded by beautiful floral landscaping and sprawling vineyard fields complete with horses in the distances.

Ugh, why did I not take a picture of the actual barn?! At least I managed to grab one of this cool, locally sculpted horse that guards the door!

On this particular day they were open 12-5p and we arrived around 12:45 which worked out well because it was quiet and we were able to walk right up to the tasting bar. For $7 you can choose five wines to taste and you get to keep the glass.


My reviews are always going to be a little bias towards white wines because that’s what I like best! Though my favorite wines here were the Wedge White and the Reisling, I did try their Silkey Red which was a semi-sweet wine which I enjoyed more than I thought I would.


Of note, I didn’t see an option to buy wine by the glass. That was no problem for my mom and I (aka my wine-partner-in-crime) as the Reisling was so delicious we were an easy sell on a bottle. Bottle prices ran from $14.99 (Old Orchard Apple wine) to $29.99 (Ender’s Reserve- a white, dessert wine.)

We took our bottle outside to enjoy. There was ample seating on the shaded deck with plenty of patio tables on the sprawling lawn below.

Off the deck were the most vibrant Zinnia bushes overlooking the grapes. I love Zinnia’s in early fall/late summer- the perfect transition flower for the weather!

I think I’d be hard pressed to call any vineyard ugly but Lost Acres really takes the cake for how beautiful their grounds were. I look forward to visiting again during their winter hours for the chance to sip my wine inside by their giant stone fireplace!

Can’t wait to cozy up here!

Until then I’ll keep sipping my way around the state of Connecticut!

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Stay Adventurous!


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